Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Mr Chong's Ring Customization Journey

When Mr Chong approached us, he was looking to customize a unique and meaningful ring for his partner. Before visiting us, he knew he wanted the Solasfera  (91 facets, 10 Hearts & Arrows) diamond cut for its light performance. The Solasfera easily outshines other round cuts with its extreme scintilliation effect (for more information, click here).

He wanted to customize a plain setting with engravings on the side, while having their initials "W" on the filigrees. A story he shared with us was about how his girlfriend was his sun, ever-lasting and ever-bright, always bringing happiness to his life. Hence, he wanted to add this story into the ring to make it meaningful. 

This is where we brainstormed to include an orange sapphire on the tubeto of the ring! The orange color of the sapphire would represent the sun. We handpicked the sapphires, that had the best color and proportions, ensuring they're suitable to fit into the tubeto. 

Finally, after several rounds of discussions and tweaks, we finalized on the ring design. Below is the 3D render that we provided, next to the finished ring. All our of ring customization comes with a 3D render which allows you to visualize the end product of your design.

If you look carefully at the orange sapphire at the tubeto, you'll notice that the sapphire is sorrounded by rose gold milgrains. The rose gold helps to bring out the color of the orange sapphire, while the milgrain patterns represents the sun rays! 

Alot of thoughts are put into every ring customization, where every small details is taken into account.
At the bottom 1/4 part of the ring, we kept it plain, to allow future ring re-sizing, if needed. 

After receiving his ring, Mr Chong planned out a road trip where he successfully proposed!
Below are some photos that he shared with us.

Photo credit to Jens Kv Photography

Photo credit to Jens Kv Photography

- Written by Casey Lai