Friday, 12 October 2012

JP Wedding Bands: James Phua

JP Wedding Bands: James Phua

We would like to introduce JANNPAUL’s semi-customized wedding bands! 

All marriages hope for an eternal love and not surprisingly, the eternity ring, set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones or diamonds, started off as a marketing ploy directed to symbolize never-ending love from a husband to wife. Due to the discomfort of a “full-eternity”, from the abrasion of stones on the inner fingers and palm, the design has evolved to be more comfortable with a “half-eternity”, where a line of continuous stones cover the face of band only.

The beauty of JANNPAUL’s is illustrated in James Phua’s wedding bands. Both wedding bands are set in 18K white gold, customized to each respective ring size. 

Wedding bands come in pairs and are usually similar in design to emphasize union. As seen, James Phua’s band design has two tracks on the surface, almost as though to show how his partner’s eternity ring is part of his band, strengthening a sense of togetherness; the diameter of the diamond of his partner’s band is mirrored to the width of the tracks on James Phua’s band.

As the usual Chinese saying goes, all good things come in pairs... Congratulations to James Phua! We hope you enjoy your wedding bands!