Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ring Tracking: Lim Shao Wei

Lim Shao Wei The Super Ideal Solitaire

Scanning the diamond into the 3D World!

The Super Ideal Cut diamond that Shao Wei purchased is then placed into the diamond scanner (SARIN Machine), where a laser traces the entire diamond, down to each facet.
This allows us to have an accurate structure of the diamond, such that the 3D render of the diamond, would be close to the exact proportion as the actual diamond.

Creating the 3D Model

Once we have the 3D model of the diamond, we proceed in creating the setting. Having the diamonds exact proportions is crucial as the setting is done proportional to the size of the diamond. This is a feature which most people tend to neglect. The trick to a beautiful diamond ring is all in the proportion! Heart shape prongs were made to add an extra twist to the ring, making it more unique and special.

Creating the Wax Model & Ring Cast

Once the 3D model is finalized, the wax model is created in accordance to its dimension for it to be casted.

Final Product

Finally, the ring would then be produced in white gold, after the ring cast is done and with the diamond mounted, safety checks are conducted to ensure the diamond is placed securely.

This is the final outcome, of Shao Wei’s Super Ideal diamond, customized fine curvy band with side diamonds and to top it off, with specially design lovely heart shape 4 prongs to make the whole outlook of her solitaire ring unforgettable.