Monday, 4 March 2013

Ring Tracking: Derrick Wee

Derrick Wee's The Super Ideal Solitaire

Victorian designs started in the early 1800's where each Victorian ring would have a distinct style to represent its time.  People who appreciate vintage and antique designs, would most often seek styles during the Victorian period.

Victorian designs would often have features, such as filigrees, halo, hearts, and multiple side stones. There has been many iconic Victorian designs, which are still sought after.

When Derrick approached us, he immediately knew that he wanted a Victorian design. He brought several ring photos of the designs that he liked and wanted to create.

He highlighted his fancy for engraving patterning at the side of the ring, where it gave the ring a more intricate and vintage look.

After discussions, we came up with our first 3D render based on the images he provided.

Concept 1 was a mock up based on his desire to have a vintage and intricate looking ring.There was several more adjustments based on concept 1. 
However, we all agreed that the engraving may come across strong and a little too "messy".
We decided to tone it down and further developed it to concept 7. Between concepts 1-7, several adjustments were made to his preference.

In concept 7, all the engravings were replaced with the cut out of the band and filigree. 
We retained the millgrain patterning which we both really liked, but changed the side profile to give it a more clean look.

However, in we further developed concept 7 with a few more iterations, to make it an even more outstanding ring.

Finally, this was what we came up with! Viola!

A ring with millgrain surrounding on all edges which creates the Victorian look and micro pave side diamonds. The side diamonds are individually picked to have a small to large diamonds array throughout the ring, giving it a majestic flow.

This is a very prominent feature in most antique rings. Often, vintage designs looks very cluttered and messy with many side diamonds clustering around the main diamond. We managed to achieve a design that looks vintage, but yet something clean and simple. 

Once the 3D renders were approved by Derrick, we proceeded to craft a wax mold of his design.