Thursday, 28 June 2012

Solitaire Customization: All in the Tray?

Solitaire rings can be simple yet very different most of the time. However when a client says "I want a classic 4 prong design, but i want it different", this always ends up as more of a challenge than bombastic organic designs.
There is only so much that can be done in a classic ring. Let's take a look at what makes a Classic Solitaire.

Most of the time we can dissect a classic 4 prong ring into 3 sections:

1. Prongs: These come in various sizes, shapes and orientations. Most of the time the classic ones would look as simple as this.


Small or Large?

Small prongs allow more visibility to the diamond, however the trade-off is the security of the diamond naturally. Clients usually ask us to go as small as possible, to a point where security is not affected. Prongs that are too large may look too bulky and cover up too much of the diamond. However, provides high security for the diamond.

Single or Double?This is not entirely aesthetic. Double prongs provide higher security for the diamond, the trade-off once again is that it does cover up more of the diamond. However, specific diamond shapes such as cushions or radiants flush well with double prongs. Double Prongs are not easy tasks for craftsmen, and average skilled ones would end up creating more of a hideous concoction.

There is always cases where some clients want to play with color within their ring, changing some parts to rose gold or yellow, just to create that extra "oomph". However, it may sometimes look too "forced" and result in a ring design that may be attracting the wrong attention. Another consideration is such: Rose gold and Yellow gold prongs may cause the color to "leak" into the diamond and cause certain parts of the diamond to appear "reddish brown" if rose gold, or "yellowish" if yellow gold prongs are set. Hence, when purchasing a high colored diamond, we always try to recommend not doing this.

2.Tray: The tray adds as a security bench, allowing the diamond to not simply "drop" and wriggle out if ever the prongs loosen over time. This also provides aesthetic beauty!

As I make more entries in my blog, you will notice we do alot of "play" with the tray customization. Reason being is that this portion is not visible from face up, which retains the overall simple classic look of a solitaire ring when viewed from the face of the diamond. However, take a 90 degree turn and you'd notice something special, a tray different from your usual straight prong to prong trays in all classic 4 prong rings.

Design and Color of tray?
Simply because our diamonds do not leak light, we have all possibilities to play around with the color of the tray, be it rose/yellow gold. The center diamond would not pick up these reflections because light enters and and goes out fully with all our super ideal ranged diamonds. Design is of course, up to each individual client, we have done really funky stuff with this portion of the ring! From symbols to alphabets to old European vintage filigrees, the options are limitless. Ultimately, when viewing the finished ring from the top view, this still retains the classic - 4 prong look. And the tray reveals a personal design.

Let's Take a look at one of our projects, and we decided to play around with the tray.

PROJECT 1 "i want a classic 4 prong solitaire, but i want something a little different"

Diamond: JP Super Ideal Hearts and Arrrows 57 facets

Here is the 3D CAD Picture of Irene's ring. We took the tray and modified it a little to look like an arrow pointing to the diamond. The band was tapered as she wanted the diamond to "appear" larger. The synergy in this design is that the band and tray look like arrows, pointing towards the centre diamond, giving an illusion of focus towards the diamond.

After the CAD was approved, we went ahead with the WAX model. This is to allow us to check for potential problems that may occur in the future in the ring such as; prongs being too small, weak attachments that may compromise the durability of the ring and the comfort level as well!

Here is the final ring!