Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A Cushion Brellia on Pave Setting

The Cushion Brellia is the world's first Cushion Hearts & Arrows diamond.
The sheer brightness of the Brellia even surpasses most rounds. It was made to have such brightness to enhance the whiteness, emphasizing on the arrows. It proved to be the most brilliant Cushion diamond to have ever been cut.

The Brellia has 57 facets in virtually the same pattern as the finest Super Ideal cut round, retaining the same scintillation. The pavilions (Arrows) of the Brellia are designed wider to create large bold flashes of fire that can be seen at further distance.

Each Brellia diamond is cut and polished to the most exacting standards on earth. A standard known as "Super Ideal Cuts". It achieves the perfection of hearts and arrows with an AGS 000 cut grade, resulting in the highest brilliancy.

Below is a video of a 0.6ct Cushion Brellia on an 18kt white gold pave setting. Each of our settings are individually handcrafted by our Master craftsmen, highlighting the intricate details and great workmanship.

- Written by Casey Lai