Saturday, 5 November 2016

How to Read a GIA Certificate

Wondering where to start when buying a diamond? The first thought that comes into mind is deciding on your Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity preference of your diamond. Usually, this is where you need to refer to it's GIA certificate. This is where you will get all the basic information you need.

In a way, you can use it to judge the grading and proportions of a diamond. Below is a video that will teach you how to read a GIA certificate and parts you should pay attention to,

Once you're shortlisted a diamond and checked it's GIA certificate, you will need the Ideal and ASET scope to analyze its light performance (GIA does not grade the light perfomormance of a diamond). What this means is that even if you get a GIA Triple Excellent diamond, it can still have a poor light performance!

Ideal Scope

The Ideal Scope is used to analyze a diamond's light return (brightness and contrast)

ASET Scope

The ASET scope is used to analayze a diamond's fire and scintillation.

Hearts & Arrows Scope

Finally, the Hearts & Arrows scope is used to analyze a diamond's optical symmetry.

- Written by Case Lai