Monday, 9 July 2012

A Royal Customization

This blog was created to informally update you of what's going on and to share our views.
Besides talking about diamonds and, we would also be talking about ourselves and our past experiences. 
If you don't mind :)

Some of you may have already known, before I joined Jann Paul, I helped out with my family business, which is also in the jewelry trade. One of our main clients was the Brunei Royal Family. We manage all kinds of customizations, from tissue boxes decorated with diamonds to golden walking sticks.
These are a few of the many items that was customized.

Golden Cannon Sitting on Blue Quartz

White Gold Tally Counter

 Door Gifts that was used in Weddings and other Ceremonies

I’ve travelled to the Brunei Istana several times, where we would personally assist the Royal Family. In my first visit, I remembered being chauffeured to the Istana, and passing through their basement car park. There was about 2 -3 levels of basements, which was filled with cars parked back to back. Most of the cars were Rolls Royces. I asked the driver how many Rolls Royce did the Sultan have, and he said there were over 200... They had a very impressive collection of cars.

Inside the Istanta, everything was designed in fine detail, from the thick carpets to the decorated ceilings. It seemed that every piece in the room was customized to fit the room. Almost every furniture had a gold feature in them. These picture was taken around 2005. 

Currently, they are constructing a new Istana, next to the old one. I heard it's even more bigger and grander than the old one.