Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Casey Lai, An introduction

About Me 

Hi i'm Casey Lai and i'll be entering posts on this blog to show our clients what goes on behind the scenes at JANNPAUL! I'm a 2nd generation diamond expert born and bred in Singapore, my family has been in the trade for approximately 40 years. 

Currently, I'm a partner at JANNPAUL, Singapore's leading diamond team on Super Ideal Diamonds. I handle operations and management in the company, making sure each piece of jewelry purchased from our private clients meets the highest of standards that we are known for. After each client has picked their life partner diamond, I run the process of customization, manufacture and delivery with the JP team.

What to expect here

On a weekly basis, you will be able to track how rings are actually made, from the meticulous hands of a craftsman, to the quality control, to potential problems faced in jewelry that people never knew! New clients can personally request from me to showcase their rings on my section of the blog, if you'd like to see the birth of your jewelry piece. Just drop me an email!