Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Unboxing a Solasfera Ring

Here's a video of us unboxing a Solasfera diamond ring!

The Solasfera is a 91 faceted diamond with 10 Hearts & Arrows. It has higher facets than the traditional 57 faceted rounds, giving it an extreme amount of scintillation where you'll notice a crazy amount of sparkles throughout the diamond. Watch towards the end of the video, where we brought the diamond outdoors under sunlight!

The ring design is a custom setting, with melee diamonds on the under bridge. Each melee diamond is sorrounded by milgrains to highlight and bring out the detailings of the ring. The main diamond is mounted on a 4 prongs setting, designed and oriented to allow an unblocked view of the main stone. This gives the ring a clean and sleek look and give the appearance that the main diamond is higher.

Below is the 3d render of the ring design, which comes with all of our ring customization works.

- Written by Casey Lai