Tuesday, 19 July 2016

JP Ring Unboxing Video: A flower ring design

Whenever we receive a ring customization request, our team gets very excited to come up with something new. In this case, our client requested for an engagement ring to have look like a flower. Our design team (Jann & Issac) took up the challenge and came up with this.

This a a 3D render of the top view.
The main diamond is meant to have a blossom effect and highlight the brilliance of the main diamond. The curvature of the prongs can be seen from the top, giving the ring a soft and organic look.

We added small diamonds to each of the petal to give the ring some extra bling!
To further enhance the silhouette of the ring, we added a round circle (with melee diamonds) to the base of the prongs, which tied everything together and created a crown effect.

For all of our customized rings, it comes with these 3D renders with different viewing angles.
They are drawn to scale to be proportional with your diamond and ring size.
Once you've approved your design, we would proceed to craft your ring.

Finally, this is the final outcome of your perfect ring!