Saturday, 1 September 2012

Ring Tracking: Luo Wei Xiang

Luo Wei Xiang The Super Ideal Solitaire

Let’s bring the diamond into the 3D World!

The Super Ideal Cut diamond that Wei Xiang purchased is then placed into the diamond scanner, where a laser traces the entire diamond, down to each proportion and facet. This is done so that the ring can be modeled around the diamond. The advantage is that we have a greater accuracy of how the finished ring product would look like with his own diamond in the 3D world!

3D Model creation..

Wei Xiang’s 3D model is created; the diamond in the 3D environment is the exact diamond Wei Xiang purchased. This means we have full control of the entire ring in contrast to his diamond. And as for the tray of the setting, we modified the design of it. Instead of a usual straight tray, we had it design into an ”ARROW” like shape, so it makes the entire diamond ring showcases the classic yet modern age look. 

Creating the Wax Model

Once the 3D model is finalized, the wax model is produced, where we check for the proportions and safety of the ring in the real world.

Final Product

The final ring is then produced in white gold for another check, and then we initiate the process of setting the diamond into the ring. 

We created an 18kt white gold classic 4 prongs set with one of our ultimate brilliance diamond, “The Super Ideal”.